IPL CSR Project: Chuppi Tod Halla Bol Start date 15 August 2022

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  • Name IPL CSR project: Chuppi Tod Halla bol start date 15 August 2022
  • Annual Report of the project Chuppi Tod - Halla Bol year 15aug 2022 to 14aug 2023 View Report

IPL CSR Project: Chuppi Tod Halla Bol Start date 15 August 2022

Samadhan Abhiyan and India Pesticides Limited (IPL) in their path-breaking approach in the direction of preventing children from sexual abuse and extending support to the police authorities are setting up “Baal Mitra Kendra” / ‘Child-Friendly Centre’ in the Police stations. The centre will be equipped with the latest digital technology and will provide holistic counselling, legal and medical advice and all the required support to the survivors and their family. Samadhan Abhiyan and India Pesticides Limited is committed to making the area safe and friendly for children and creating an environment of trust and security in the community.

We employ a variety of methods to achieve our goals, such as conducting workshops, seminars, and different types of activities for students, parents, teachers and other society members at large. Our efforts are aimed at creating a safe environment for children and protecting them from any form of sexual abuse.

Location of CFC is decided through strategic approach and formula we apply to derive at conclusion. Under this project we create awareness in the jurisdiction of that police centre where we are setting up the Baal Mitra Kendra/ Child friendly canter. These centres will be created in Uttar Pradesh in different cities in the phased manner.

The role of the centre will be as follows:

  1. Educate the family and child about their problem.
  2. Ensure that rehabilitation of the child is smooth and trouble free
  3. Ensure good psychological counselling of the child and family, so that they can deal with the stress with ease.
  4. We will make sure that justice is served to the survivor.

“Baal Mitra Kendra” at Kotwali Hardoi, a Combined initiative of India Pesticides Limited and Samadhan Abhiyan under the project”Chuppi Tod -Halla Bol ” has been awarded for it’s good performance by Hardoi Police and social welfare department. Our second centre will be inaugurated in Sahibabad Kotwali on 29 April 2023.
Main motive of the project “Chuppi Tod Halla Bol” and” Bal Mitra Kendra” is spreading awareness to prevent child sexual abuse and POCSO ACT, 2012. It is important to be aware of this issue, speak up, and support those who have been affected.