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Children are our future and it is our responsibility to create a fearless, harmonious and positive environment for them, both in private and public life ‒ at home, at school, in the garden, in the playground, on the street, …​

It is a shame that we hear and read about sexual abuse of children every day. As responsible citizens, we must ensure that no child, regardless of gender, is sexually abused anywhere.​

We fight against the sexual abuse of children. We want to tackle the problem at its root and are, therefore, committed to preventing abuse. That is why we focus on raising awareness among the people.

Our mission is to create awareness and transcending any discrimination of caste, gender, faith or religion. This can be achieved through public participation. We at Samadhan Abhiyan believe that every human being has the same right to live in this world with dignity.​

We must think, plan and act together. We at Samadhan Abhiyan work earnestly to create a comprehensive awareness and education about the prevention of sexual abuse of children among children, parents, teachers and all other stakeholders in the society.

Our Mission

Raising awareness of prevention of child sexual abuse in society.