Samadhan Abhiyan is organising the UDAY AGNIHOTRI MEMORIAL RECOGNITION AWARDS 2020 in the memory of Late Sh. Uday Chandra Agnihotri, an IITian, a great architect, anthropologist and social reformer. He wanted that people should be empowered with knowledge. This will make our nation the best place to live. This award is in that line. It is given to those individuals whose work impacts the masses and brings permanent improvement in the existing system.


We will be honored to know about your work and welcome you to share it with us.


There are five categories of this award, which are as follows:

  • Environment 

  • Health 

  • Education 

  • Child Rights 

  • Other


Please fill in the application form below for this award. The winners will be informed by mail and the details of the program will be shared with them.

People themselves or anyone on behalf of the person can fill in the form.

Last date to apply: 20 September 2020


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If the nominee founded an organisation that strives positive impact on society related to the award category, please provide us with the following information.

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If you nominate a person other than yourself or if you fill in the form on behalf of another person, please provide us with your contact details.

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