5 Years Samadhan Abhiyan — Work Together With Us Towards Eradication Of Child Sexual Abuse!

Samadhan Abhiyan is a non-profit organization working tirelessly in various regions of India for the last 5 years. The organization is struggling to spread public awareness about the dangerous social evil "child sexual abuse" in society and to prevent this problem.

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Samadhan Abhiyan organizes different types of workshops for parents, children, teachers, and non-teaching staff in villages, colonies, settlements, schools. Talking about the subject, the survey conducted in different places shows that there have been incidents of sexual harassment of both men and women in their childhood or at some point in life. Today 53% of adults in India are victims of child sexual abuse. The saddest thing in America is that the friend of the family, who is at some point, has touched us appropriately and we have become fearful of life. We have suppressed those memories, become silent, but now should not make life better for the coming generation. Samadhan Abhiyan has been working with six children who are victims/survivors of sexual abuse and fighting to get back into the mainstream.

The organization requests to all of you these children for their help with their expenses on education, medical, legal, and counseling. To build a strong country, we have to bear the responsibility of making the childhood of today's generation of children happy.

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